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By Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
Mar 28, 2011 20:41

poker !

After intense practice matches and clan wars in Counter-Strike I crave for a change at the end of the day. Because of many reasons poker came it quite handy for my everyday life. The game has something to it which makes me able to turn off and think of other things than counter-strike, counter-strike and more counter-strike. To be honest My poker skills have increased lately yet there is something missing to my game. I think it is the discipline not to play grotty hands but play them nonetheless. This is a huge disadvantage in the poker world, especially for the type of person "Robert Dahlstroem". Ok, I must say, sometimes it works out and I do win the hand but more often I just lose because of my stubbornness. Just because of this I am looking forward to my coaching lessons with Poker Strategy. If I ever get rid of this habbit I am certain that my cashflow will gain some points!

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