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Chronicles of czm 4/6: Cooller rivalry

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Mar 24, 2011 00:04

ImageIn part 4 of the 'Chronicles of czm' the ESWC 2005 runnerup discusses that infamous rocketjump as well as his rivalry with Cooller.

In the 'Chronicles of czm' legendary Quake 3 duel and TDM player US Paul "czm" Nelson breaks down his career in detail in a lengthy video interview. One part, of the six total, will be released every three days until the Chronicles are complete.

Part four has czm discussing his famous rivalry with the Russian maestro RU Cooller. After QuakeCon 2004 the two met in high profile matchups in the ESWC 2005 final and the CPL Winter 2006 upper bracket semi-final.

Does czm really believe he would have won ESWC 2005 had he not made that infamous rocketjump on dm6? Does czm count Cooller has his main rival in Quake 3 dueling history? Is there any truth to the anecdote that Cooller let Jibo face czm in the CPL Winter 2006 final since he thought the Chinese player had a better chance? czm describes his matchup against Cooller as a "style mismatch" and says "I beat him most of the time".



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