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How's life?

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Mar 21, 2011 18:38

So I haven't said anything in a while now, so I thought that a blog would do the trick!

So what's up? I don't know really, things have gone little bit smoother after IEM, which we ended in a "decent" fourth place in the tournament. I'am still hungry after a victory with the new team. We had some problems coming up with that Allen couldn't attend the finals with us, but we had a great standin Player, known as dennis. Who is a great and likeable guy!

Anyway, we are starting soon with practising for the up-coming Xperia Player tournament in Copenhagen, gonna be great tournament and Iam looking forward to traveling to Denmark again. Last time I was there was with f0rest when we were back in fnatic attending DSRack and KGC and we placed 2nd and 1st on those tours. Overall, Copenhagen is great city and the nightlife was pretty good last time, so maybe a remake on that with Marty-Party(!?!) :D

But anyway, I just wanted to speak a little from what I had in my mind and things will come soon regarding me, my team and for You, the fans. Look after my facebook group and you can win prizes soon :)

Take a chill pill, gtr



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