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GSTL March brackets are here

By Radoslav 'Tyrael' Kolev
Mar 15, 2011 18:40

ImageRight after the completion of the current GSL, GomTV will broadcast the second season of their team league. GSTL March will run for four days, starting March 21st.

The top 8 Korean teams will again engage in a fearsome showdown, starting March 21st and running for four days in total.

GSTL March will feature the same teams as last seasons as their players continue to be the most accomplished ones in the individual league and include "Incredible Miracle [IM]", "StarTale [ST]", "Old Generations [oGs]", "Slayers", "Zenex", "Prime", "For Our Utopia [fOu]" and "Team SCV Life [TSL]". You can see the brackets for the new season below.

What is exciting is that GSTL champions and runner-ups "IM" and "StarTale" are placed in the opposite sites of the brackets so if both teams' play is as perfect as last season, the Grand Final scenario might well be repeated. The prize pool remains the same - $8,700 for the champions and $4,350 for the runner-ups.

With the tournament ending on March 24th, there will be a short break of four days before the start of GomTV's other major tournament - the World Championship in Seoul.





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