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SK Gaming welcomes "Joe" to the SC2 roster

By Radoslav 'Tyrael' Kolev
Mar 12, 2011 14:22

ImageSK Gaming further expands its StarCraft 2 roster and adds the Danish Protoss player Johannes Sabroe 'Joe' Witt.

SK Gaming welcomes the first Protoss to its StarCraft 2 roster. The Danish newcomer DK Johannes Sabroe 'Joe' Witt steps on the battlefront with high hopes and expectations of the future and joins his other SK team-mates SE Jimmy 'Jimpo' Wölfinger and DE Hun 'inuh' Park.

To make further acquaintances with "Joe" we sat down with him to find out what are his thoughts on his future, the eSports scene and the state of StarCraft 2.

Q: So first, you are new to the SC2 scene so give us a short introduction about yourself and how did you start playing competitively.
A: My name is Johannes Sabroe Witt im from Aarhus in Denmark and I play the Protoss. I've been playing SC2 pretty much since the beginning of the beta and I've played in many offline tournaments. But until recently didn't really have the motivation to play enough to get to a professional level.

Q: So how do you see the European (and worldwide) SC2 scene? How well do you think you can place yourself on it?
A: Right now I'm a bit behind the big European SC2 top and even further away from the Korean top level. But I'm quite sure joining SK will give me the opportunities and motivation to keep playing and improving until I get there which will happen within a not too distant future.

Q: While we are on the subject of the SC2 scene, let's throw a word or two about your future rivals. Who do you think is on top of the game in EU and in the world in general? Who seems like the most scary player for you to meet in the future?
A: To my opinion, there are a lot of players in Europe that are around the same level and I'm not that much into the Korean scene to give a proper answer to that.

Q: Now, every pro-gamer is being asked question about the state of the game balance-wise. As such what is your opinion on this matter? What are your thoughts on the latest patch 1.3.0 that is currently live on the PTR?
A: I feel like the game is quite balanced at the moment, I can't point a finger at any match-up that's not balanced. Personally I'm currently struggling hard in PvZ. As for the coming patch I thing it is all fine, except for the Amulet removal but I guess we have to wait and see how the game is going to evolve after the patch, maybe it's not going to hurt Protoss as much as I'm fearing.

Q: What are your future pro-gaming plans in respect to tournaments? When are we to see some serious Joe-ownage?
A: I'm looking forward to Copenhagen Games which is like in a month and 10 days or so. There is both a Danish Sc2 tournament and a tournament for everybody. I'm going to play in both and I'm aiming for some good games and a result that I can be proud of. However, I think it will be very hard in the tournament for every nationality since many top players are coming.

Q: Well, I wish you the best in the upcoming tournaments! Do you have anything to tell our readers as final words to this interview?
A: I hope I'm going to be able to deliver some entertaining games in the coming tours that will be streamed. And thanks to SK for taking me in! I've also recently started streaming on TeamLiquid so see you there :)



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