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Natus Vincere do the double, beat FX

By 1 'SEBL1NGT0N' 2
Mar 5, 2011 17:00

ImageNatus Vincere have won their second IEM title after beating Frag eXecutors in the final

Natus Vincere have won the Counter-Strike IEM V World Championship Finals after defeating Frag eXecutors in two straight maps.

PL Frag eXecutors 12-16 Natus Vincere UA (train: 11-4, 1-12)

The game got underway with the Poles defending the bomb sites of de_train following their knife round win. A heavy advantage on the Counter-Terrorist side allowed them to take a respectable 11 rounds, but NaVi were deffinetly happy with four rounds on the Terrorist side.

On the change over, NaVi quickly secured the pistol and the next two rounds. They then managed to string multiple rounds together, thanks to strong holds from both AWPers markeloff and starix. Throughout the half, the side only slipped up once, which allowed them to win the half 12-1 and the game 16-12.

PL Frag eXecutors 10-16 Natus Vincere UA (dust2: 9-6, 1-10)

Taking down four of their opposition, FX thought they had the first pistol round of dust2 in the bag. However, Natus Vincere's Starix managed to clutch a 2v1 situation to win the pistol round for NaVi. The following round saw FX catch NaVi offguard, buying AK's to win the second round and even up the game. From that point rounds exchanged, more in the favour of FX, allowing them to take the half 9-6.

The second saw NaVi do a strong push on short A, only losing one man in the process, they took over A and eventually won the round. After two eco rounds from FX, they looked like they would pull a round back, but ceh9 managed to hold A with the bomb down, pulling of a 2v1 clutch. Four more rounds followed after that, until FX called a timeout, which lead to them taking their first round of the CT half. Then NaVi got back up after losing a round to win the following round and the next round, which won them the game 16-10, and the match 2-0.

Final Standings
1st. UA Natus Vincere - $30,450 (-$4,550 due to 13% deduction)
2nd. PL Frag eXecutors - $17,000
3rd. DK mTw - $8,500
4th. SE SK Gaming - $4,000
5/6. BR compLexity br - $2,500
5/6. SE fnatic - $2,500
7/8. SE Lions swe - $1,750
7/8. RU Moscow Five - $1,750
9/10. TW UMX - $1,750
9/10. US Team EG - $1,750
11/12. DK TCM-Gaming - $1,750
11/12. KR redCode - $1,750



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