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myRevenge win the IEM V League of Legends title

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Mar 5, 2011 13:09

ImagemyR continued their domination by defeating against All authority in the grand final.

The IEM V League of Legends tournament has come to an end with DE Fnatic steamrolling the tournament finishing with a startling record of 6-0.

myR had clearly put in a lot of preparation and this was evident throughtout the contest with a particularly unusual start to a match which allowed them to down a turret in under 1 minute.

The stalwart backbone behind their performances was often that of PL Maciej 'Shushei' Ratuszniak who put in some excellent performances on Gragas.

Though the whole team played well and it was the team synergy that won them all their games, not that of individual performances.

The final saw them see off FR against All authority , the game was fairly straight forward with myR establishing early control with a superior jungling performance where Nunu gave alot more gank presence which put aAa on the backfoot and myR carried the control throughout the game which realistically meant that aAa didn't pose much of a threat.

The EU SK Gaming team finished in 3rd place and earned $2,425.

Congratulations to DE Fnatic who won $5,950.

myR consists of:

BE Tim 'WetDreaM' Buysse
DE Peter 'Mellisan' Meisrimel
DE Manuel 'Lamia' Mildenberger
PL Maciej 'Shushei' Ratuszniak
ES Enrique Javier 'xPeke' Cedeño Martinez
FI Lauri 'Cyanide' Happonen

FR against All authority finished second and earned: $3,350



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