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Na'Vi face prize deduction

By 1 'SEBL1NGT0N' 2
Mar 4, 2011 19:11

ImageESL have announced that Natus Vincere will face a prize money deduction of thirteen percent.

During the Counter-Strike semi-final of the IEM V World Championship Finals between Natus Vincere and mTw , which saw current world champions come out on top, two infringements took place, both committed by the Ukrainian side. These two rule violations have resulted in a 13% deduction in Natus Vincere 's prize money.

The punishment comes after the side left the stage without permission from ESL officials and when they called a timeout simply to go to the toilet. The first violation earned the side three minor penalty points and a 3% prize money deduction, whereas the second earned them one major penalty point and a further 10% deduction.

This means, depending on how tomorrows final finishes, Natus Vincere will have either have $4,550 shaved of a first place prize of £35,000 or $2,210 of a second place prize of £17,000.

The final between Natus Vincere and Frag eXecutors will take place tomorrow at 14:55 CET, meanwhile the third place match between SK Gaming and mTw will be played before at 12:35 CET.




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