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Na'Vi cruise past complexity

By Luka 'Mrmojo' Dobovisek
Mar 3, 2011 14:15

ImageNa'vi took down complexity in two maps in a match that never looked close. They will face mTw in the semi-final match tomorrow.

The 2nd quarter-final of the day gave us a match between the defending champions UA Natus Vincere and BR compLexity Gaming br. As expected Na'vi took control and never let it go. The brazlians offered some resistance but it never looked close as Na'vi took the match in two maps.

UA Natus Vincere 16:10BR compLexity Gaming br (dust2 T 13-2, 3-8)

Na'vi picked up the pace straight away on the stronger t side of de_dust2. They took pistols and the two ecos from complexity with ease. They carried on their dominance and markeloff was picking up brazlians left, right and centre and the score suddenly climbed to 8-0 in the favor of the defending champions.

The brazilians finally managed to pick up a round but got denied straight away putting them on a double eco. Na'vi didn't let complexity get more than two rounds in the first half which spelled trouble for the brazlians in the second half. Na'vi picked up the final rounds of the first half and the score was 13-2. complexity needed to put up more rounds with defensive capabilities they have with Fallen's awp but got denied by Na'vi. Every close situation that occured went to Na'vi and mission impossible begun in the second half.

Things started well for complexity as they managed to pick up the pistol and of course the following two eco rounds from Na'Vi. They carried on strong until the 7th round which Na'vi took and put themselves only two rounds away from victory. Complexity managed to pull back right away and forced Na'vi on an eco again and the comeback seemed to be close when the 2nd half score was 8-1 for coL. But that was as far as Na'Vi let it go and they took the next two rounds to put themselves one map up and one map closer to the semi-final encounter with mTw. Their most impressive players on de_dust2 were markeloff with his awp and starix with all around clutch play.

UA Natus Vincere 16:4BR compLexity Gaming br (de_train CT 13:2 T 3:2)

Complexity needed to play better in 2nd map if they wanted to go to a third map. First thing that went against them was the knife round which went in Na'vi's favor and let them chose the heavily favored CT side on de_train. Na'vi's last year CT train was impenetrable and even the swedes of SK didn't manage to get more than 3 rounds in their encounter in the group stages.

This was a big ask for the brazilians. Na'vi took the ct pistol round and from then on it was only Na'vi. Everything complexity tried Na'vi were ready and waiting, the whole team put up amazing displays of their skill. When complexity managed to brake trough and it looked like they might get somewhere, an ukrainian showed up and killed three or four of them making it look easy. Complexity only took two rounds in the first half one of them an amazing solo display from Fallen.

Complexity overcoming a 13:2 deficit on de_train against Na'vi was science fiction and the chances even lowered, after Na'vi took the t pistol round and of course the following eco making the overall map score 15:2. Complexity got two rounds on the board with their famases. That didn't shake Na'vi the slightest as they won the 20th and the last round of this second map which guaranteed them a place in the semi-finals and a top4 finish. As mentioned the whole Na'Vi team was on fire on de_train but ceh9 stood out with some 3 kills rounds and nice clutches. They'll need that and more against the in-form Danes of mTw in their semi-final tomorrow



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