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EMS VIII: Qualifiers done, fnatic out!

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Mar 2, 2011 18:39

ImageThe fourth and final qualifier for the ESL Major Series VIII was held on Sunday and we have the 16 participants, fnatic is not one of them largely due to a seeding scandal!

The ESL Major Series VIII: Qualifier Cup #4 is behind us and we now know the four last teams that qualified to the main tournament.

ESL Major Series VIII Heroes of Newerth list of participants:

RU Team Empire
EU Cool Tag Bro
EU Infused Gaming
EU Imperial eSports
SE Voodoo Festers
DE mortal Fraternity
EU YouMadBrah
DK Danish Dynamite
CA Jokes on you
DE Fap Fap Fap
EU wake up bro
SE Reason Gaming
DE Stop Attacking Axe
EU Online Kingdom
AT plan-B
SE Glittering Prizes

In what was once again a terribly seeded qualification tournament, EU Fnatic fought in the last round against EU Online Kingdom . 16 minutes into the game, while the match was fairly even and the end result unknown, FI Kalle 'Trixi' Saarinen disconnected from the game and was unable to reconnect. Due to ESL's remake policy, the game continued and Online Kingdom hopped onto the last train for the ESL Major Series VIII Tournament.

Although it could be argued that fnatic should have taken the chance to qualify via one of the earlier qualifiers, one can only wonder about the competence of the administrators that repeatedly force top teams like EU Dirty Minds , RU Team Empire , EU Fnatic , EU Online Kingdom , SE Reason Gaming , EU Team unZ , EU Infused Gaming and EU Imperial eSports to fight it out by dumping them all into the same, stacked bracket; while less known and less talented teams get an easier run to one of the 4 qualifying spots.

The ESL Major Series VIII Heroes of Newerth Tournament, featuring a €5.000 prize pool, will continue shortly with the group stage being next on schedule.



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