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Ret talks Korean BW and SC2

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 18, 2011 14:23

ImageLiquid's Ret talks at length about his experiences in South Korea fighting to become a BW pro and later as part of his GSL adventure.

In a lengthy bonus interview held back from Assembly Winter 2011 Team Liquid's Zerg star NL Joseph 'Ret' de Kroon discusses his trips to South Korea. First there was his fight to get onto a proteam in the Brood War scene and then there were his GSL adventures which bring up to this moment.

What were Ret's expectations heading to South Korea after NonY and IdrA? Did he dream he could become the first of the modern day foreigners to get into televised Proleague games? Are all the players who qualify for OSL/MSL better than foreigners? Did Ret see his appearance on 'Hyungjoon becomes a progamer'? Would it have been out of the question to have picked up any Korean before going? Was it naive not to have practiced ZvZ much prior to his trip? Would winning that last Courage have kept him in Korea?

Despite his high reputation amongst the foreigners his performances in GSL so far have been short, what is his assessment? What does he know about his next Code A opponent? How significant is BW experience in SC2 compared to WC3? Were MC and MVP simply players who didn't get the chance to shine in BW? Would Flash and Jaedong dominate if they switched over? Does Ret get frustrated seeing peers like IdrA and Jinro in the penthouse of GSL, Code S, while he's stuck down in the basement of Code A? What will the impact of the foreigner house be on future GSLs?



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