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GSL champions join TeamLiquid Star League

By Radoslav 'Tyrael' Kolev
Feb 13, 2011 03:03

ImageDay[9] and DJWheat has announced during this night's TeamLiquid Open the Zerg line-up of invitees that will be joining the TSL. Among them are GSL medallists NesTea and FruitDealer.

Five maestros of the Zerg race have been invited and have confirmed their participation in the forthcoming TeamLiquid Starleague. Among the aforementioned Koreans we have two more champions, including MLG D.C. winner and regular GSLer EGIdra and recent Assembly Winter medallist Liquid'ret.

TeamLiquid Starleague Zerg Invites:
KR Won Ki 'FruitDealer' Kim
KR Jae-Duck 'NesTea' Lim
US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields
NL Joseph 'Ret' de Kroon
SE Hayder 'HayprO' Hussein

Now only the Terran invites remain to be announced and one can hope that the next batch of players will be just as epic.




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