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Ret sweeps the Assembly gold

By Radoslav 'Tyrael' Kolev
Feb 12, 2011 23:28

ImageThe Zerg mirror between Liquid'ret and mouzMorrow just ended with the Dutch player taking the final victory 3:1. Jos, who went a perfect 3-0 in the group stage, obliterated the play-off brackets to win the €3,000 ($4,060 USD)for the first place.

Assembly Winter 2011 crowns its first StarCraft 2 champion. The member of TL and infamous macro Zerg NL Joseph 'Ret' de Kroon bested the "infested terran" SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson in a Zerg Bo5 mirror which he won 3:1. Ret, who trains with notorious Zerg players such as HayPro and IdrA and is also a GSL participant, showed incredibly solid play that allowed him to take the gold.

NL Joseph 'Ret' de Kroon 3:1 SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson
-1:0 Blistering sands
-1:1 Metalopolis
-2:1 Scrap Station
-3:1 Xel'Naga Caverns

Going for his favourite Fast Hatch/Roach build, Ret managed to secure an early advantage to Morrow, who took the aggressive side in this face-off and was opening Banelings almost exclusively. Having a solid defence, Ret continued to repel the Zergling raids from Morrow until he felt stable enough to push forward with his superior Roach army, taking the first set on Blistering Sands.

Morrow, however, took revenge on set 2 on Metalopolis by besting Ret in a Baneling dance contest. Despite the tied score, Morrow's joy did not last for long as he proceeded to loose the following two sets on Scrap Station and Caverns in similar fashion to the game on Blistering Sands. Ret's passivity proved to be a strong card against the mouz Zerg and in set 4 Morrow surrendered the set, the match and the gold medal.

Thus, the final Assembly Winter standings are as follows:
1st place: NL Joseph 'Ret' de Kroon, €3,000 ($4,060)
2nd place: SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson, €1,350 ($1,825)
3rd place: FR Benoît 'adelscott' Strypsteen, €500 ($676)
4th place: DE Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs, €150 ($202) + SteelSeries Gaming Gear



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