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MorroW: "in SC1 I was close to going to Korea"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 12, 2011 00:36

Imagemouz's MorroW speaks after finishing 2nd in his group at Assembly. Does he regret changing race to Zerg from Terran? What happened vs. adelscott?

mouz player and IEM V Gamescom champion SE Carl Stefan 'MorroW' Andersson spoke in a video interview at the end of day 1 of Assembly Winter 2011, having progressed from his group in 2nd place.

What is his assessment of what happened in his loss to adelscott in the group? Why doesn't MorroW regret changing race from Terran to Zerg? Does Zerg fit his style better? Does MorroW practice a lot in SC2? What is his feeling as to the range of placings he is headed for at Assembly? Does MorroW want to go to South Korea? What is Zerg lacking right now?



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