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sVEN: "we were a bunch of nerds having a lot fun"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 10, 2011 23:21

ImageOld school player [GG08]sVEN reminisces with GosuGamers about his days as a top BW player, his friendships with Elky and Slayer and his time as a poker pro.

The old school Norwegian Brood War player NO Sven "[GG08]sVEN@aBs" Myrdahl Opalic is the subject of an interesting interview by GosuGamers. He discusses his career as a BW player at the beginning of the 2000s and carries on through to his post-BW time as a poker player as well as his friendships with prominent names like Slayer, Grrrr, Garimto and ElkY.

On practicing with Garimto the night before the South Korean Protoss player slayed "The Emperor" in the SKY 2001 OSL, preventing him from winning the golden mouse:

"Well Terran was my race of choice at the time, and TvP was always my best matchup, but I could play PvT also.. So we would alternate a little bit between races, him playing Terran and me Protoss, and just discuss what worked and what didn't. The maps were really hard for protoss though, and I ended up beating him 5-0 TvP the day before the finals (shameless brag! :D), but he had a real killer instinct in tournaments and managed to beat Boxer 3-2 in some really intense games."

Thinking back to his peak:

"Starcraft is a weird game, and once you reach your peak you almost have a 6th sense and can make anything work, but staying at that level requires so much time, effort and dedication that it just doesn't feel like it's worth it."

Playing cash game poker:

"A very basic piece of advice that has served me well is to never try to bluff a bad player. You see it all the time in online cash games, where medioce or slightly above average players go off on the really bad players for calling their bluffs."

Source: GosuGamers



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