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BoxeR's Wings episode 1

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 8, 2011 16:56

ImageEpisode 1 of "BoxeR's Wings" has been subbed by the TeamLiquid Sub crew. The documentary follows "The Emperor" BoxeR's journey through GSL S2.

The TeamLiquid subtitles crew have continued the great work they established on "hyungjoon becomes a progamer" and "Nal_rA's Oldboy" by subbing yet another interesting South Korean Progaming documentary. This time it's the turn of "BoxeR's Wings", a documentary which follows the legendary "Emperor" KR Yo-Hwan 'BoxeR' Lim in his journey through GSL S2 after switching to StarCraft II.

In Episode 1 BoxeR begins his GSL adventure with his first game, in the Ro64, and we also meet his girlfriend, Ga Yeon Kim, who is helping him arrange everything from practise partners to his clothes for tournament days. BoxeR also heads to Blizzcon where he interacts with many fans who take a keen interest in his showmatch against GSL S1 champion FruitDealer.

MegaUpload (534.44 MB)


Source: TeamLiquid



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