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GSL March Code S groups decided

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Feb 8, 2011 15:46

ImageThe groups for Code S in the GSL 2011 March tournament have been selected. The last two champions, MVP and MC, find themselves grouped together in A.

The Groups for the Ro32 of the GOMtv StarCraft II League (GSL) March tournament have been decided for Group S. As is typical in South Korean StarCraft tournaments the groups were decided by selection based on last season's results. The first matches for Code S are expected to take place on February 22nd.

The selection system explained on TeamLiquid:

"IMMvp will be in group A and MarineKingPrime.We will be in group H. 3rd through 8th place including LiquidJinro and EGIdrA will each get to select a group. Top 8 players will also get to choose a player they want to have in each of their groups. The selected player will then get to choose the next player to have in his group and so on until there are 4 players in each group."

Group A
KR Jong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung (T)
KR Yoo Jong 'Hyperdub' Kim (T)
KR Sung-Jun 'July' Park (Z)
KR (P)

Group B
US Gregory 'IdrA' Fields (Z)
KR Kyu Jong 'Clide' Han (T)
KR Jung-Min 'Zenio' Choi (Z)
KR Hyun Woo 'Byun' Byun (T)

Group C
SE Jonathan 'Jinro' Walsh (T)
KR Seong Hun 'Polt' Choi (T)
KR Sung Je 'RainBOw' Kim (T)
KR Hyeong Ju 'Check' Lee (Z)

Group D
KR Yoon-Yeol 'NaDa' Lee (T)
KR Chan-Min 'TheBest' Kim (T)
KR Hong Wook 'HongUn' Ahn (P)
KR Jung Hoon 'TOP' Kim (T)

Group E
KR Jae-Duck 'NesTea' Lim (Z)
KR Cho Won 'San' Kang (P)
KR Yo-Hwan 'BoxeR' Lim (T)
KR Sang Cheol 'Ensnare' Kim (T)

Group F
KR Hyung-Sup 'Choya' Lee (P)
KR June 'Lyn' Park (T)
KR Myung-Duk 'BanBans' Seo (P)
KR Sang Ik 'TheWinD' Park (Z)

Group G
KR Ki-Soo 'TricKsteR' Seo (P)
KR Jung Hwan 'Anypro' Lee (P)
KR Min-Soo 'Genius' Jung (P)
KR Won Ki 'FruitDealer' Kim (Z)

Group H
KR Jung-Hoon 'MarineKing' Lee (T)
KR Joon 'Kyrix' Han (Z)
KR Seung-Chul 'sC' Kim (T)
KR Jun Hyuk 'InCa' Song (P)

Race counts
T: 15
P: 9
Z: 8

Translated comments from the players during the selection ceremony can be found on TeamLiquid.

Foreigner favourites IdrA and Jinro find themselves with groups which will give them a good chance to progress, IdrA even getting a chance to avenge his loss to Zenio in the ZvZ which saw him eliminated from GSL S2. Group A will see fireworks from day 1 as the last two GSL champions (MVP and MC) face off in the Ro32. Group G also looks to be tough as two of the best Protoss players in South Korea (Trickster/sKSS and Genius) are grouped with S1 champion Fruitdealer.

Source: TeamLiquid



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