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Quake Live online but inaccessible

By Henrik 'zappater' Johansson
Feb 6, 2011 18:06

ImageToday's Zotac Cup was cancelled as the players found themselves unable to connect to the website. Apparently the Quake Live servers are online but inaccessible.

Looking to play some Quake this Sunday? You are out of luck as the Quake Live site and all it's servers are inaccessible, even tough they are online. One of the victims of today's server problems is this week's Zotac Cup which was supposed to feature players such as BY Alexei 'Cypher' Yanushevsky and UK Gareth 'GaRpY' Marshall but had to be cancelled as the Quake Live servers turned out to be inaccessible.

On Quake Live's official Twitter can be read:

"The QL Team has verified that all of our servers are online but inaccessible, we are working with our ISP to resolve the outage."

How long the servers will remain inaccessible or what is causing it is so far unknown but information should be posted on twitter as soon as id knows what is happening.



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