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Read SK.Jimpo's answers at SK Gaming

By Nuno 'r6ks' Silva
Feb 5, 2011 19:31

ImageSK Gaming's StarCraft II player Jimmy 'jimpo' Wölfinger answered some questions on the forums, read them here!

Last month, the addition of Jimpo and inuh to the SK Gaming's SC2 team was announced. In a thread entitled "Ask SK.sc2!", SE Jimmy 'Jimpo' Wölfinger answered questions put to him by some members if the community.

An example of what you can find in the thread:

"Question - Fourth! Do you recommend me to watch any video for sc2 that will help anyhow? And guide

Answer - 4. Watching videos helps alot, there are alot of streams streaming cups every day all week long. I recommend u watch some of Day9 stuff aswell. There are ppl coaching for money if thats something for u, i wouldnt really say there is a guide how to play this game. Watch replays, streams and just get into the scene and play alot is my advice."

Start the month by reading some important tips by a professional gamer, just click here to access the thread!



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