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Bacchus OSL champion decided

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 30, 2011 10:07

ImageThe "Dinotoss" Stork and the "Terrorist" fantasy did battle in the Bacchus OSL final to decide which would add another silver to their unfortunate records.

Going into the Bacchus OSL final KR Byung Goo 'Stork' Song had the favour of most pundits but he found himself shocked as "The Terrorist" KR Myung Hoon 'FanTaSy' Jung rolled to a 3:0 victory over the veteran. fantasy is best known for his strategical planning, helped by the mentoring of the legendary bonjwa iloveoov, and this proved to be the case as he countered Stork's standard play builds time and time.

An interview with fantasy following his win can be read here.

KR Byung Goo 'Stork' Song 0:3 KR Myung Hoon 'FanTaSy' Jung
-0:1 Gladiator
-0:2 Aztec
-0:3 Pathfinder

Baccuhus OSL final standings:
1st KR Myung Hoon 'FanTaSy' Jung (T)
2nd KR Byung Goo 'Stork' Song (P)
3rd-4th KR Yoon Hwan 'Calm' Kim (Z)
3rd-4th KR Hyun Woo 'Modesty' Kim (Z)

Stork has had one of the most painfully tortured professional careers in StarCraft: Brood War history as he has so many times ended up with the silver, even nicknamed "the silver surfer" at one point. Prior to this silver medal Stork had garnered two OSL silver medals, an MSL silver medal. His only gold medal placing in the South Korean individual leagues came against fantasy in the 2008 Incruit OSL where he came out on top 3:2.
fantasy had himself been plagued by a reputation of being incapable of winning in the clutch. After losing to Stork 2:3 he found himself heartbroken in the very next OSL final as Jaedong came down from two maps down to win three in a row and defeat him.



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