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fragbite talks to HeatoN and Potti

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 28, 2011 14:50

Imagefragbite talked to the legendary HeatoN and Potti about eoLithic, SK Gaming and their upcoming showmatches.

fragbite has sought out legendary CS champions SE Emil "HeatoN" Christensen and SE Tommy "Potti" Ingemarsson to speak to them in a two part video interview, which has been subtitled into English.

Asked about NO eoLithic HeatoN says they were "overrated" and explains his reasons for thinking that. Potti describes his issues with SK Gaming and how they contributed to his eventual departure from professional Counter-Strike. The two address whether they ever lacked competition and that was why they dominated so much in the early years. Finally they address their comeback team which features their 2003 lineup playing some showmatches and even suggest they'd like to face US Team3D.

HeatoN and Potti are amongst the most successful players of all time and two names which are interlinked like few others have ever been in esports. Playing together they won 8 CPL events from 2001-2003 and a WCG gold medal in 2003. HeatoN was best known for impressive spraying capabilities and eco round killing while Potti was known as the master of clutches and one of the most consistent players ever. Together they made the Swedish SK Gaming and NiP teams' names echo through esports history.

Source: fragbite



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