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Code S Finals Tomorrow

By Liviu 'n0ise' Niculescu
Jan 28, 2011 13:58

ImageThe GOMTV Global Starcraft II League Season IV to finally be concluded

Tomorrow we will find out the name of our 4th GSL Winner, following in the footsteps of FruitDealer, NesTea and oGsMC.

The two heroes to battle on Saturday are none other than Jung-Hoon 'MarineKing' Lee, the slayer of everyone's favorite LiquidJinro, and Jong Hyeon 'MVP' Jung.Image

MKP, previously known as Foxer, is playing his second GSL Final, after in Season 2 he was defeated by NesTea in a very close series. In this season, he outclassed opponents like TSL Clide, Jinro, BroodWar legend Nada or LegalMindZenith. He is considered to play quite an uncommon TvT, very bio-oriented, and most players say his style is difficult to practice against.

ImageIn the other corner, IMMvp, while not having that impressive results in the GSL until now, is thought by many to be a step ahead of most other players (and a favorite to win the whole thing!), showing dominating play in all his matchups. He recently won the Gainward tournament held by Absolute Korea, walking over other huge names like NesTea, Nada, and even his Terran opponent from tomorrow – MarineKingPrime.

Will MarineKingPrime.WE, despite not being the favorite, manage to defeat the odds and pocket the win, or will IMMvp continue his seemingly unstoppable streak?

Everyone intending to watch the finals live, remember that the show is scheduled to start at quite an unusual hour, 07:00 CET.

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