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SK LoL player Wickd goes platinum!

By Scott 'aBhorsen' Parkin
Jan 26, 2011 11:52

ImageWickd of SK LoL is the number one ranked player in the world.

DK Mike 'Wickd' Petersen of the SK Gaming LoL team has achieved a first in League of Legends and has achieved the rank of Platinum. Nobody else in the game has achieved this at the moment, the achievement was earned by reaching an ELO of above 2225.

This is a Solo Queue rating so shows off Wickd's ability to to play with a variety of players and not just his SK team mates.

Wickd frequently livestreams his solo games here, while he does stream frequently, at present when he is offline you will only see a blackscreen so check back often!

I asked Wickd if he had anything he'd like to say on the matter, here is his response:

"I feel its really awesome and that it was pretty luck because US have been so close for so long and then i snatched it even tho entire EU so far away"

As of the time of writing the top 10 ranked solo players in the world are:

#1 DK Mike 'Wickd' Petersen - 2226
#2 US George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis - 2215
#3 US Reginald - 2179
#4 US Doomtrobo - 2166
#5 US Feedfest - 2154
#6 US Steve 'Chauster' Chau - 2151
#7 FR Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer - 2144
=#8 FR Linak - 2142
=#8 US Monkey D Luffy Z - 2142
=#8 US SYDTKO - 2142

Source: Image courtesy of Wickd



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