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cArn: "want to be the best team in the world"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 24, 2011 02:04

Imagefnatic's in-game leader and newly crowned IEM V European Champion cArn talks about what he learned from the 2009 fnatic lineup and his goal of fnatic becoming the best team in the world

Fresh off being crowned the IEM European Champion, a new experience for the veteran player, SE Fnatic 's SE Patrik 'cArn' Sättermon spoke about his feeling reaching the gold in his first attempt with this new lineup.

Was there ever a time cArn worried if he would be unable to win major titles again, as had been the case with the fnatic lineups prior to the 2009 team? Does he feel vindicated that fnatic made the right decision in choosing him over two of their star players? Does cArn have any concerns about his team being considered the #1 team in the world now bearing in mind mouz's brilliant run at last year's event only to fall off at the very next event?



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