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Carmac: "as least unfair [solution] as possible"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 23, 2011 19:24

ImageESL's Carmac explains the circumstances and factors which led to the pause, power outage and subsequent recreation of the final match conditions in the Cooller-Strenx match.

PL Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz, ESL's Product Manager for the IEM, spoke at length in a video interview about the circumstances and factors surrounding the controverial pause and subsequent power outage in the RU Cooller vs. FR Strenx match on the final map.

Carmac explains his reaction to the power outage. It turns out the lag within the game, which was a LAN server provided by id software, was caused by power spiking. The eventual power outage affected an area of Kiev, not just the venue the event was held in. Carmac gives his thoughts on the way ESL came to the decision of recreating the end of the final map and what he said to Strenx about pausing the game himself. Does Carmac think players from here on out should be allowed to pause games themselves?

Carmac addresses his reaction as an esports fan to the exciting end of the recreated game. The Polish ex-UT99 player also talks about whether not or the game should have been paused at all during that specific moment.



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