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Controversy as power cut halts Cooller-Strenx series

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 23, 2011 14:30

ImageThe 5th map of Cooller vs. Strenx was ~30s from ending. Cooller had just taken the lead and suddenly the game was paused due to lag problems. 5 minutes later a power cut occured. Video of admin discussion included.

The IEM V European Championship Finals semi-final series between RU Anton 'Cooller' Singov and FR Kevin 'Strenx' Baeza had developed into quite the nail-biter as after the Russian legend had gone up by two maps the young Frenchman had battled back with impressive aim and pace to tie it up heading into the fifth and decisive map.

In the decider Strenx led and looked to be in position to steal the series from Cooller but the Russian found his groove and began taking back the game frag by frag. Controversy began when during Cooller's comeback run he complained of lag and asked for a pause. No pause was granted and the game continued as he hit his shots and found his timing windows to catch Strenx off guard. As the crowd cheered Cooller tied the game and then took the lead 6:5 with around 30 seconds left to play out. Suddenly the game was paused by the admin.


Both players sat typing back and forth about the lag and how the situation should be dealt with. Strenx agreed that the lag had cost both of them frags but Cooller said regardless that he would not replay the map. As occasional lag spikes continued to show on the lagometer Cooller had enabled the pause continued when all of a sudden the power in the building shut off. After around 10-15 seconds it came back on, just the electricity first and not the lights. Cooller got up and left to go and smoke.

Now ESL is faced with the impossible situation of what to do about the pause and the power cut. Cooller was 30 seconds from winning the map and the series and yet it would be unfair to rob Strenx of that half a minute window to potentially tie it up or win it. At the same time how can one deny Cooller the map win after he had battled into the lead?

No matter what is selected there will be room for complaint on one side or the other. Likelihood, and common sense, would suggest the map be replayed. We all await the decision of the admins, some of whom have just been watching through the players' POV demos looking for moments when lag affected the game presumably.

A snippet of the admins and Strenx discussing the situation:



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