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Spammers purged for 2011

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 15, 2011 02:46

ImageDozens of spamming users have now been permanently banned from SK Gaming and the site's policy on such cases cemented.

This morning a number of nefarious SK Gaming users will wake up to find their accounts have been permanently banned for spamming. There will be no unbannings, no account reinstatements and no mercy for those who have spammed and cluttered the site and its forums with meaningless posts.

Until now people have largely been free to run amok, trusted to guard their own behaviour. Clearly some have abused their posting priveleges, mostly to increase their account's rank, and so necessary measures must be taken to ensure the other members of the SK Gaming community, who make the up the vast majority, can comment, discuss topics and read threads in peace.

Over the next couple of weeks SK Gaming will be taking on volunteers to become forum admins and help keep threads and comment sections clean of spam. These individuals will be carefuly considered and chosen to ensure the integrity of the site's posts remains intact. There won't be deletion of dissenting opinions but rather the only people who need worry for the status of their account are those who spam.

Enjoy your spam-free SK Gaming experience in 2011.



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