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Strenx wins his 22nd Zotac Cup

By Henrik 'zappater' Johansson
Jan 12, 2011 01:20

ImageThis week Strenx and Av3k faced once again in the Zotac finals, making for a repeat of the last week's final. The only difference would be Strenx winning 3-1 this time.

The IEM European Championship is getting closer and the weekly Zotac Cups are getting filled with pros. This weeks Zotac would see among others, Av3k, Strenx, Fazz, Noctis, Madix, dem0n and agent.

Strenx faced Fazz in a close semi-finals, ending on Dismemberment, a map that could have ended up going to either player. In the last minutes Strenx got the advantage and was able to win. In the other semi-final Av3k won over Noctis without too much trouble, making for a repeat of the previous week's final.

Last week Av3k beat Strenx 3-1 in maps, this week would end up exactly the opposite with Strenx winning 3-1. For those of you predicting the European Championship it might be interesting to note that the Zotac finalists of the past two weeks have come from group A while this week's 3rd/4th place was shared between players in group B.

VODs of the tournament can be found over at The Beard TV.

1st FR Kevin 'Strenx' Baeza €100
2nd PL Maciej 'av3k' Krzykowski
3rd/4th SE Pelle 'Fazz' Söderman
3rd/4th AT Richard 'noctis' Gansterer


Source: Zotac



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