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'The StarCraft Bible' released

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 11, 2011 17:25

ImageA book called 'The StarCraft Bible' has been released looking at the development of StarCraft, the competitive side of the game and its impact on culture.

A book entitled 'The StarCraft Bible' has been released which chronicles the history of StarCraft, its development as a competitive game and its impact on culture. The book, which originally began as a TeamLiquid forum post before being expanded and refined into an actual book, is available to be purchased in paperback, kindle, nook and DRM-free PDF formats.

As the book's author, chobopeon, describes 'The StarCraft Bible':

"The StarCraft Bible is book about the history and culture of StarCraft, spanning 30 years from the first proto-RTS games until today. Grrrr..., Artosis, DjWheat and many more helped with their unique insights into history and future alike. This was a collaborative project and the contributors deserve many thanks."

A 10,000 word excerpt entitled 'Rivalry', which looks at the LeeSsang rivalry between Jaedong and Flash, can be read here. The entire first draft can be found here. Finally an interview with the author can be read here.

From the excerpt:

"After the reign of the last bonjwa, Ma Jae Yoon, came to an abrupt end, the power structure in the world of professional StarCraft fell into a multipolar scrum. The fall of Ma Jae Yoon ushered in the era of the six dragons, a time where six Protoss players dominated StarCraft, and gave new life to the legend of the fall (the legend being that Protoss players win the OSL during the fall). The six dragons faded within a year, and gave way for “Leesang Taekbang,” a time of dominance by the two strongest dragons, along with the new young players Lee Young Ho and Lee Jae Dong. The leftover dragons soon faded away as well to leave only the two young prodigies. A lack of success on the biggest stage was never a problem for this rivalry. Within one year, both of these players had already won three star leagues a piece, there was not a current player with more, and only three from the history of the game had claimed more."

The trailer for the book:

Source: TeamLiquid



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