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SK Gaming CoD:BO Team

By Brian 'qntm' Krämer
Jan 9, 2011 19:18

Hello all together,
My name is Brian Kraemer aka qntm (quantum) and I am the team manager of the brand new SK Gaming Call of Duty Team. With this blog, I want to start a row of blogs in which I would like to introduce the players of the team to you, but these blogs are going to be a mixture of my own opinion, facts, interviews and so on. Furthermore I will sometimes exaggerate, but nevertheless all aspects will have their true core. Before I start to introduce the team to you, I will start with introducing myself, thus you know with whom you’ve got to do with.

So, as it is written above, my name is Brian Kraemer and I’m living in Mannheim/ Germany which is close to Heidelberg (you might have heard of that before). The 7th February this year, I will celebrate my 18th birthday. I visit class 12 of a Gymnasium , so I’m going to graduate in 2012 with my ‘Abitur’ and afterwards university is waiting for me. Sports is one of my favourite hobbies as I like to play football and table-tennis very much. Moreover I like to watch movies and drive go-cart which is very fun. In 2008, I travelled to China via a student exchange and I can say that it was very amazing to see the culture and the way of live of a country that is so far away.

My career on Xbox Live started about 4 years ago when I received the Xbox 360 as a present of my religious confirmation. My first game was Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 which is still one of my favourite games. Playing G.R.A.W., I get to know some people of the clan ‘nahkills’ which was the first e-Sport organisation I have entered. The time I had there was one of the best in my life. We all had so much fun together and with our Gamertags, we were very special. All of us had a fruit name as Gamertag.
With the release of Call of Duty 4, I realized that I can be much more successful, if I join another team. So I joined ‘BurgerSturmeXtreme’ in late 2009. The team was better now, but I thought that there is even more possible for me.
In September of 2010, I finally joined the best German console clan dzs.beyerdynamic)))) and its Call of Duty team as its team manager.
But this wasn’t the peak of the mountain, it even went higher. In December we made the step to one of the worlds leading e-Sport organisations, SK Gaming. A long dream of the whole team become true and we are very happy to play under the flag of such a great organisation.

2010 was the most important year in my continuing e-Sport career. Not only becoming a member of SK Gaming was a highlight in the last year. Next to it, I became the first German livestream moderator of a Call of Duty match in German history. After my livestreams of the CSL Mastership for ‘prediction Live’ has ended, I decided to be the caster of Germany’s most well-known e-Sprot TV Channel ‘GamerSports TV’.

I love e-Sports and that’s why I am working the whole day for and with e-Sports. The Consoles Sports League may be one of the biggest leagues for console gamers and that’s why I’m working as Admin there. It is not always easy to decide in the right way, because there are some difficult protest in which you don’t know who is right and who not, but all in all being admin is very funny, as the some of the other admins are quite nice guys.

So all in all, the base for 2011 couldn’t be a better one and I hope that it is going to be as good as 2010.
I’m looking forward to (my first) lan events, such as ECL, EGE, DGE and so on
That should be enough of myself. Next week I will introduce Michael ‘QuiCky’ Bühler to you.



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