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SK 5th in FX's 2010 rankings

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Jan 1, 2011 06:28

ImageSK Gaming were ranked 5th best CS team for 2010 based on Frag eXecutors' rankings.

The Frag eXecutors website has posted CS rankings for 2010, based on their own selective criteria, to try and determine the order of the teams last year. SE SK Gaming is ranked fifth on the list which is of course topped by the at times unstopptable UA Natus Vincere .

FX's 2010 CS rankings:
1st UA Natus Vincere
2nd SE Fnatic
3rd PL Frag eXecutors
4th DK mTw
5th SE SK Gaming
6th KR WeMade FOX
7th SE Lions swe
8th US Evil Geniuses
9th DE mousesports
10th RU MeetYourMakers ru

Large criticisms can be made of the criteria used to decide the rankings and how it was selected since mTw find themselves below FX and closer to SK in the rankings than to the Poles which will make sense to few of the people who followed 2010's tournaments closely.

How would you have ranked 2010's teams? Leave your thoughts below in a comment.

Source: Frag eXecutors



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