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Starcraft II Journal #4 - Satiini, SaSe, TLO, HuK

By Jens 'JPW' Wundenberg
Jan 4, 2011 21:16

Image2011's first Starcraft II Journal - this time featuring SaSe, TLO, HuK and many more

It's time again for another release of SK's Starcraft Journal, our weekly roundup of all the matches we considered both relevant and entertaining, all exquisitely picked and handcrafted by ahnaris. More Starcraft II VODs will be released on a daily basis with this overview being a recap of the past week.

Anyway, as we are still relatively new to this, we really do rely on your feedback. That said, we are looking for suggestions, criticism, replay-wishes, what you like most, what we should've done differently, really anything that helps us improve the viewing experience.

Champions Trophy December - Satiini vs. SaSe

One of most anticipated match-ups of Decembers Champions Trophy. The Finish player Satiini versus the all-time Warcraft III legend SaSe from Sweden. Terran vs. Protoss in a best of three series. Let's see if SaSe can live up to our expectations.

Champions Trophy November - Naama vs. Bischu

Naama and Bischu faced each other in a best of five series in last month's Champions Trophy Semi Finals. Both have an amazing track record with Bischu playing exceptionally well and just winning the very last tournament. Again Terran vs. Protoss. Match Ladder - ROOTqxc vs. fnaticSen

The Taiwanese player Sen got picked up by fnatic not too long ago and is seen one of the best Zerg players in the world. The ROOT player qxc on the other hand is one of the most popular Terran players in North America placing 3rd in the IEM Season V US Regular Season Cup.

Viking Cup Grand Finals - LiquidTLO vs. mouzStrelok

This is a huge series between everyones darling, the German Zerg player TheLittleOne, and the Ukranian Terran Strelok from mousesports. It was being promoted on and recommended by most of the users.

Congratulations to Mithax, the winner of last week's raffle.



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