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Flash sets new vZ ELO peak record

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Dec 13, 2010 18:33

ImageThe 5th bonjwa and "Ultimate Weapon" Flash has set the new vZ ELO peak record following a victory in the Proleague. He overtook the previous record holder Jaedong.

The fifth bonjwa of SC:BW and "Ultimate Weapon" KR Lee "Flash" Young Ho set a new all time ELO record for all races against Zerg players. Flash was a single point behind KR Jaedong's record of 2341 which was set on the 26th of April 2009. The new record of 2346 went the way of the Terran with a win over KR ggaemo during the KT Rolster vs. AirForce ACE matchup in the Shinhan '10-'11 Proleague.

Top 5 current vZ ELO:
1st KR Flash (T) 2346
2nd KR Jaedong (Z) 2279
3rd KR Bisu (P) 2247
4th KR Light (T) 2236
5th KR Shine (Z) 2193

Top 5 vZ ELO peaks:
1st KR Flash (T) 2346 (13th December 2010)
2nd KR Jaedong (Z) 2341 (26th April 2009)
3rd KR iloveoov (T) 2313 (1st July 2004)
4th KR NaDa (T) 2288 (4th September 2004)
5th KR BoxeR (T) 2281 (27nd December 2001)

Most incredible about topping the previous ELO record is that Jaedong's incredible vZ play has been so spectacular throughout his entire career that people refer to it as JvZ when he plays a fellow Zerg.

ImageEven after Flash's incredible run which began late last year and saw him winning four individual titles (2 OSL and 2 MSL) his current statistics are still mindboggling. All three of his race matchups and his overall winning percentage are over 70% now. To give a point of reference Jaedong only has one matchup over 70%.

As well as the vZ ELO peak Flash's current vT and overall ELO vs. all races are higher than anyone else in histories have ever been despite being below his own personal peaks. The only area in which anyone bests Flash is vP where Flash is 2nd for both current ELO and ELO peak. Even so that's impressive enough that he would be at 2nd since the general racial trends in SC:BW are accepted to be T > Z > P > T.

Source: TeamLiquid
(Photographs copyright of



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