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My thoughts and answers

By Christopher Carl Albin 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
Dec 8, 2010 17:39

SK 2011 - RobbaN f0rest GeT_RiGhT face allen

I can say it took me some hours to relize that I'm back in the SK shirt, or "back and back" I was only in SK for two weeks last time? I think this time it will last for a much longer time! :)

I wanted to write down somethings why this happened, my motvation, the SK roster and so on. I hope that you guys will get a clearer mind on this.


This is one of the main reasons why I'am leaving fnatic. I didn't have the best motivation to play in a team when I was having all sorts of problems in my life. One thing I can mention s that. Three of my best friends as I seen them, went to Australia for around 3,5 months and will come back after new years eve. On a note for me, was something that I really really wanted to join them up to go there. But I'm actually having CS to think about and its nothing bad! :-D

What can really cure this motivation problems? I think actually to change player, switch team or you can take a even easier way out - Quit the game. The last part is something I have actually been really thinking alot on, there was time I didn't want to play at all.

Tired of playing, tired of all the flights you'r taking all around the world (I'm afraid of flights, true story! :(( ) and so on. But I guess everyone can see that I'm not stop playing, right.

SK Roster

So let's talk about the players I will play with the next year!

Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström

Is actually a player I always want to play with, I have never been dissapointed of seen him play. Always played his best, have a smart play and is a very good ingame leader what I have seen and heard.

Johan 'face' Klasson

Johan, is a person that I have been playing with before. In NiP,MYM,blank and so on. But, we have always ended up with going two different ways of gaming. Now again I'm coming back to a player who has always a "sweet heart" and a smile on his face (*lol* face *lol*) He have also turned in to a really good player sinces we played in NiP, really good on holding spots alone.

Jimmy 'allen' Allen

Jimmy is a person I have always wanted to play with but really never got the chance with, I remember a long time ago that he didnt like me because I was better then him, online! :D But I hope he have turn down his axe and hopefuly can give me a hug now and kill everyone on the server to make us win! Allen's playing style is also great to see, he's a good player that never "dies" in my eyes.

Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg

What can we about this man really? I have been playing with Patrik for around 2 years now and I still love playing with him. This is a man, that can turn a game around. Does people remember him jumping into the b spot on dust2 against Full-Gaming @ Slap this year? If so, that's just showing how good this player really is! (H) puttje!!


People may remember the headlines, "SK kicked GeT_RiGhT" back in 2008 or something. We can say we had our disagreements back then, but we have actually make them cleared and I think actually most of the things back then went wrong because I was much younger back then from what Iam today. So, for you guys who thought we will have some problems. My answer for you guys is _NO_

so 2011

I cannot really say much more things now then I'm looking forward to the next year, it's so much new things that I will learn from my three new teammates and of course from my former teammate f0rest :-) I will uploade my config when this blog is out, so stop asking questions about it! haha..

So, I guess what is you'r new fav. team next year is, right ;)?

Till next time



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