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Hydra interviewed + releases "Hydra 8"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Dec 2, 2010 17:35

ImageTeam Dignitas player Hydra has been interviewed by ArcticNova and one topic he addressed was his newly released "Hydra 8" movie.

EU Team Dignitas player UK Ryan 'Hydra' van Buiten has been inerviewed by Norwegian esports community site ArcticNova. Topics included his newly released movie "Hydra 8" and his thoughts on StarCraft II and HoN.

Hydra explaining the delay behind the release of his movie:

"Well, it's been like a year since Hydra 7, so longer then I would have liked I guess. Didn't have a 2nd hd to fraps on for a few months. Then most of the stuff was frapsed in like 1 month I guess. Was hard to fraps tho since ppl crying for streams 24/7 when i'm frapsing. And ppl crying for movie 24/7 when i'm streaming. Pretty cool, but yeah, editing took like 3 months which was annoying."

"Hydra 8" can be streamed at own3d and downloaded via torrent. The movie is 526mb in size and has a running time of 34:18.

Source: ArcticNova



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