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fnatic beat Druidz, crowned DreamHack champions!

By Mario 'Kolapz' Mađer
Nov 27, 2010 00:31

ImageThe DreamHack Winter 2010 Heroes of Newerth tournament ended as expected, as fnatic grabbed the title after defeating Druidz in the grand final.

The DreamHack Winter 2010 Heroes of Newerth tournament, the Steelseries HoN Masters featuring 64 teams and a $14.400 prize pool has been finished and we have our new champions - EU Fnatic .

The tournament favorites were as dominant as expected and in two relatively quick and painless games against EU Druidz Qpad they have proven why exactly they're the best European team.

fnatic once again displayed their exceptional teamplay and hero drafting capabilities, while Druidz was plagued with quite the opposite. Opting to put Wretched Hag in the middle lane against one of the best Soulstealer players in the world, DK Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein, in Game 1 and then picking up a last pick Night Hound in Game 2 were detrimental for their gameplay and one could not have said anything else to describe the games better than with a simple "outpicked & outplayed".

DreamHack Winter 2010 Steelseries HoN Masters Grand Final
EU Fnatic 2 - 0 EU Druidz Qpad (Game 1, Game 2)

VODs will be available shortly at

The bronze medal match-up went in favor of EU Binary Evasion , who beat the darkhorse of the tournament, SE Team.48.b , with 2-0.

DreamHack Winter 2010 Steelseries HoN Masters Final Standings

1. EU Fnatic - 60.000 SEK ($8.600)
2. EU Druidz Qpad - 25.000 SEK ($3.600)
3. EU Binary Evasion - 15.000 SEK ($2.200)

DreamHack Winter 2010 Steelseries HoN Masters Bracket/Results

Photograph copyright by fnatic.



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