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China's government sponsors CEPL

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 26, 2010 12:03

ImageRAGE are reporting a new WC3 team league called the CEPL (China E-Sports Premier League) will begin in January 2011 with €110,000. It will be featured on Chinese TV and is backed by the Chinese government apparently.

RAGE is reporting news that their team is one of four to receive a direct invitation to a new WarCraft III team league set to begin in January of 2011, and backed by the Chinese government, called the China E-Sports Premier League. The CEPL will apparently feature €110,000 (~$145,600) in prizes and the players from the teams will live in Beijing, China, for the entire duration of the tournament. It will also be featured on major Chinese TV channels, radio and in newspapers.

There will be a qualification system to decide the participants but the following four teams have received direct invitations:

CN World Elite
KR WeMadeFox
EU RAGE.eSports

RAGE explained their thoughts:

"This direct invite is a great honor for us as this means we already achieved good reputation not in Europe only but also in China which can be called and esport Mecca already. Having two more months before the league start we're planning to strenghten our WC3 line-up with some new star players to fight for the first place and show that our slot was well-deserved."

This is a league with some interesting implications. If the backing and exposure is as large scale as it appears then it would be a shot in the arm for WarCraft III, a game many claimed was dying before StarCraft II's release and now is close to dead. It will also be interesting to see what WeMade FOX's decision will be since their both Moon and Lyn have been competing in the GSL for SC2.

It's also a concept which sounds plausible. China is still a hotbed for WarCraft III and events featuring the game and its biggest stars can still draw hundreds of fans to spectate. The involvement of the Chinese government also follows to some degree on the heels of an event like WEM which is held in conjunction with the government of the city of Hangzhou each year.

Source: RAGE via GosuGamers



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