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GSL S3 Ro64: day 2 results

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 24, 2010 01:24

ImageMore famous names were in GSL S3 Ro64 action. Two time Ro4 player HopeTorture, WC3 pro Lyn and Team Liquid's HayprO all were battling to reach the next round.

As the Ro64 of GSL S2 continued to play out there were some surprises to be had. The GSL's most consistent player KR Sung Je 'RainBOw' Kim (a.k.a. IntoTheRainbOw - GSL S1 2nd, GSL S2 3rd-4th) was eliminated to end his streak of Ro4s. SE Hayder 'HayprO' Hussein also got his marching papers. WC3 pro KR Lyn (June 'Lyn' Park) again went out in the Ro64 and after he had again taken the lead in the series.

Translated interviews with the winners can be found here.

GSL S3 Ro64 Day 2

Nov 23, 2010 13:00 KST (GMT+9)

KR Sung-Hoon 'Rache' Yoon 0:2 KR Hyun-Woo 'Squirtle' Park (VOD)
-0:1 Steppes of War
-0:2 Xel'Nada Caverns

KR Sang-YonG 'DreamizEr' Lee 0:2 KR Seo-Yong 'Rain' Park (VOD)
-0:1 Shakuras Plateau
-0:2 Jungle Basin

KR Tae-In 'Libero' Kim 0:2 KR Man Hyuk 'JookTo' Jo (VOD)
-0:1 Metalopolis
-0:2 Xel'Naga Caverns

KR Sung Je 'RainBOw' Kim 0:2 KR Seung-Il 'NewDawn' Jeong (VOD)
-0:1 Metalopolis
-0:1 Shakuras Plateau

KR Nam-Kyu 'BitByBit' Kim 2:0 SE Hayder 'HayprO' Hussein (VOD)
-1:0 Blistering Sands
-2:0 Scrap Station

Nov 23, 2010 19:00 KST (GMT+9)

KR Joong-Wook 'Tosyad' Yoon 0:2 KR Won Ki 'FruitDealer' Kim (VOD)
-0:1 Scrap Station
-0:2 Jungle Basin

KR Seung-Chul 'sC' Kim 2:1 KR June 'Lyn' Park (VOD)
-0:1 Metalopolis
-1:1 Lost Temple
-2:1 Scrap Station

KR Jung Hwan 'Anypro' Lee 0:2 KR Chan-Min 'TheBest' Kim (VOD)
-0:1 Lost Temple
-0:2 Steppes of War

KR Chan-Jung 'NaYa' Kim 0:2 KR Hong Wook 'HongUn' Ahn (VOD)
-0:1 Delta Quadrant
-0:1 Metalopolis

(To watch beyond the first set of the VODs a premium pass is required)

Source: TeamLiquid 1, 2
(Picture copyright of GOMtv)



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