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Playboy to venture into esports?

By Stuart 'SwitchbacK' Macdonald
Nov 12, 2010 16:45

ImageA quiet couple of months after its supposed reveal, Playboy appears to be making moves towards setting up an esports organization.

Wild rumors of world famous men's entertainment brand Playboy entering esports were raised a couple of months ago on Decerto. Naturally the news was immediately met with disbelief and scepticism, plus the supposed organization behind the scheme, Royalty Gaming, wasn't exactly going through the most comfortable of times.

The organization is famed for its questionable moves within esports, ranging from sponsorship pickups to revealing new teams a member at a time, right through to outrageous promises for their players.

For a month or so now, Royalty has been off the radar. So has Playboy; until today when a splash page appeared which carries the same nameserver and registrar as Playboy's homepage, as well as the same registered address.

Check out the two site's details here and here.

The splash page carries a brief message stating: "Coming soon..." and allows readers to subscribe for updates as well as submit a question.

The apparent idea behind Playboy's involvement within esports is to assemble top-tier teams across the titles they see fit. Players were reportedly approached a couple of months ago but have refused to comment on the situation since then.

Decerto's source says that Royalty Gaming is out of the picture, and a full announcement is on its way soon.

The community-driven website has been on a streak with rumors recently, coming up trumps with the majority of their seemingly outrageous reports.

Source: Decerto



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