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glow & solo: "got that champion's feeling"

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Nov 7, 2010 15:53

ImageWemade FOX's glow and solo talk after defeating SK Gaming to become WEM 2010 champions. After both guaranteeing they'd win the title what do they have to say about their performance?

After defeating SE SK Gaming to become champions of WEM 2010, and win their first international title, KR WeMade FOX 's KR Min-Soo 'glow' Kim and KR Kun-chul 'solo' Kang spoke in a video interview about the feeling of becoming a champion.

Being as solo had guaranteed a title for Wemade FOX in an earlier interview did he have a special feeling about WEM 2010? glow said if they won the pistol round they would win the game, in fact they lost to the pistol round but then dominated so what is his take on the final? The South Koreans explain that after Delpan's performance in the upper bracket final on dust2 they scouted his positions by watching demos of him to be prepared.

Why was the team's play at IEF important for the WEM title? Did drawing inferno three times, their best map, and then having to play tuscan as the decider, the map solo and eSTRO had lost narrowly on in the decider of ESWC 2008, give this event a storybook feeling? After so many years of effort how does solo feel to finally become a champion?



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