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OZ gear available from StarCraftMecca

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 30, 2010 13:33

ImageStarCraftMecca is selling official Hwaseung Oz gear and the store is open for purchasing now.

StarCraftMecca is selling official team gear from Proleague team Hwaseung Oz, which is now available to be purchased.
It has always been notoriously difficult, even in South Korea, to locate official team gear. Typically a few t-shirts are made available to fan clubs or the occasional limited period uniform jacket sale has been put together by a community figure on TeamLiquid. StarCraftMecca is the first outlet to sell official team gear from one location.

The first team the site provided gear from upon opening was CJ Entus, famous former home of sAviOr and EffOrt, and it seems the site made its quota as most of that gear is no longer available. The next team to be offered is Hwaseung Oz and the store came online recently meaning purchases are now possible.

The store is offering the same jacket, long/short sleeved shirts and pants the Oz players, such as five time individual league champion Jaedong, wear in their official matches. The store will likely close to process all of these items around the 18th or 19th of November 2010.

Information provided by the owner of the site in a thread on TeamLiquid:

What is StarCraftMecca

* StarCraftMecca is an online shop that I started because I continuously saw threads on TL about how hard it is to get things like the SC:BW team uniforms and gaming gear like keyboards and keyboard bags. We currently have contracts with multiple teams in Korea and at some point plan to have all the merchandise that you see during the matches available in the shop.

How we Operate

* Most of our sales are made pre-order. This means that we leave the shop open for a period of time and collect payments and orders and then at the end we place the order in bulk with the respective teams. Due to our operation method PayPal has deemed the business a "high risk operation" and will not work with us. This has led StarCraftMecca to creating a merchant / gateway account which allows us to accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.

Quality of Merchandise

* The products sold on StarCraftMecca are all official wear and are 100% authentic. This means that the quality is higher than just any normal piece of clothing you would buy and because of that the price is also usually higher than normal.

Eventually the store aims to provide official gear for the majority of Proleague teams, with KT Rolster coming soon and hints of SKT Telecom 1 soon also.

Sources: StarCraftMecca, TeamLiquid
(Photographs copyright of Fomos)



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