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OSL champions discharged from Air Force

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 29, 2010 10:34

ImagePast OSL champions AnyTime, Reach and Casy have all been discharged from their time in Air Force ACE fulfiling their public service. AnyTime is returning to OZ and Reach to KT.

Three past OSL (Ongamenet StarLeague) champions have been discharged from the Air Force after serving their mandatory South Korean public service. KR Oh Yeong 'Anytime' Jong, KR Jung Suk 'Reach' Park and KR Dong Wook 'Casy' Han all played for the Air Force ACE proleague team during their service. AnyTime will return to his former team Hwaseung OZ and Reach will likewise return to KT Rolster. It's possible Casy may retire to take care of his ill parents.

KR AnyTime (Oh Yeong Jong)

Race: (P) Protoss
Team: Hwaseung OZ
ImageBirth Date: 1986-10-18 (Age: 24)

The "Death God" Anytime, affectionately called "Sashin" by fans, famously continued "The Legend of the Fall" tradition of Protosses by defeating BoxeR to win the So1 OSL in 2005. In doing so he granted 'The Emperor' his fourth OSL silver and denied him the golden mouse in what would be the Terran's final attempt. He also earned a silver in the ShinHan2006-2 OSL final which saw NaDa win the first golden mouse.

AnyTime led team OZ, back when it was called Lecaf OZ, to the 2007 Proleague championship, along with a young Jaedong, earning himself the MVP along the way.

ImageKR Reach (Park Jung Suk)

Race: (P) Protoss
Team: KT Rolster
Birth Date: 1983-12-27 (Age: 26)

The "Man Toss" Reach is also a Protoss player and also was a historic part of the "The Legend of the Fall" tradition as he defeated BoxeR in the SKY2002 OSL. He also finished second in two MSLs (though one was technically a KPGA Tour event) and an OSL. Reach was best known for his macro skill and was one of the few early Protoss players to achieve tangible success.

ImageKR Casy (Han Dong Wook)

Race: (T) Terran
Team: None
Birth Date: 1986-09-25 (Age: 24)

Known at one point as the "Neo Emperor" Casy was a Terran player who won the ShinHan2006-1 OSL, managing to get three TvZs, his best matchup, in a row from the Ro8 to the final. He also finished 4th in both the ShinHan2005 OSL and ShinHan2006-3 OSL.

Casy's weak point proved to be his TvP play as he holds a disasterous 25% win record in the matchup.

Source: via TeamLiquid (translated)
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