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IEF 2010 announced: TyLoo, Bisu, Lyn

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 28, 2010 07:56

ImageIEF 2010 will take place Friday and Saturday of this week. Big names competing in CS, WC3 or SC:BW include TyLoo, WeMade FOX, Lyn, Moon, Fly100%, ReMinD, Bisu and Stork.

The International E-sports/Entertainment Festival (IEF) will hold its 2010 event Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th of October and the list of players and teams participating has been revealed. The event will be held in Wuhan, in the Hubei Province of China. Counter-Strike, WarCraft III and StarCraft: Brood War are the competitive disciplines which will be on display.

IEF 2010 participants


CN TyLoo
CN TyLoo raw
KR Tnhyper
HK Infragzion
JP Vae Victis

TyLoo have long been considered China's best team and most recently 5th-8th at the 5th-8th at the WCG Grand Finals and before that 4th at both Beat IT and IEM V Shanghai. TyLoo.raw challenged the their organisational rivals position atop the Chinese scene with a stunning two maps to nill victory over them in the semi-finals of IEM V Shanghai, the second map being a 16:0 drubbing on nuke.

TyLoo are joint favourites to win the event with the mercurial WeMade FOX who are capable of taking many of the world's elite teams to their limits when their game is on.

The core of WeMade FOX won IEF in 2008, under the name eSTRO and defeating fnatic in the final, but chose not to attend last year's event despite its location being South Korea. SK Gaming won the 2009 IEF, with finished 2nd and TyLoo 3rd. Some of's players now make up TyLoo.raw.

WarCraft III

CN Xiang 'TH000' Huang
CN Xuwen 'InFi' Wang
CN Xiaofeng 'Sky' Li
CN Zhuo 'TeD' Zeng
CN TuoXie
CN 'blast'
CN Weiliang 'Fly' Lu
KR June 'Lyn' Park
KR Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang
KR Sung Sik 'ReMinD' Kim
KR Dong Hwan 'viOlet' Kim
RU Nikita 'Nicker' Pomadov
UA Ilya 'Sonik' Malish
JP Toshikazu 'ENZA' Senzaki
JP 'nemuke'
DE Ebel 'VoShiX' Eduard
FR Yoan 'ToD' Merlo
SE Kim 'SaSe' Hammar

WC3 has by far the most impressive turnout for this event with the full cast of elite Chinese players in attendance along with the South Koreans Moon and Lyn, who tried their hand at SC2 in the GSL prior to being eliminated. Also of note are WCG gold medalist ReMiNd, the French player ToD and WCG 4th place finisher NickeR.

Moon won IEF 2008 and Fly100% last year's event.

StarCraft: Brood War

CN Helios
CN Ventrue
CN Xian 'Legend' Luo
CN Huiming 'Toodming' Huang
KR Byung Goo 'Stork' Song
KR Taek Yong 'Bisu' Kim
KR Lee Chul 'Terror' Min
KR Mydream
KR ajuk12

Should anyone but Stork or Bisu win this event it will come as a great shock to the entire international SC:BW community, in particular the South Koreans.

Stork discussing his participation:

"Including the amateurs, we have 5 Koreans going. I hope at least I can make the finals. I originally thought it was just me going, but I later discovered that Bisu will be participating as well. I hope I meet him in the finals. If the Koreans don't win the finals, it'll be very shameful."

Bisu is one of the greatest players in Brood War's history and likely the best Protoss to ever play. He has made four MSL finals and won three of them to earn to the golden badge. He is best known for his 'March 3rd revolution' which saw him upend Zerg bonjwa sAviOr in the young Protoss' first MSL final with his now legendary corsair and dark templar build as a solution to greedy management style of 'The Maestro'.

Stork is also a legend in BW's history, though his legacy shines a little less brightly being as it is littered with silver instead of gold. Stork has finished runnerup in two OSL finals and one MSL, though he did manage to capture the Incruit OSL. He also has a WCG gold medal and two silver medals.

Bisu won IEF in 2007 and 2008 but was eliminated in the group stage of last year's event. Stork is reigning champion and finished runnerup the year before.

Sources: mymym, TeamLiquid



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