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aAa wins Blizzcon amid massive controversy

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Oct 24, 2010 17:15

ImageThe WoW finals at Blizzcon were mired in a huge controversy which saw aAa emerge as contentious winners.

The World of Warcraft tournament at Blizzcon may well be one of the last major WoW tournaments of all time. But it will go down in the memory as the most infamous events in the game's history after against All authority 's controversial victory.

The French team, led by ex-SK player Alexis 'Enigmz' Martin looked like massive favourites going into the final match. They had gone unbeaten throughout the tournament and had already beaten their final opponents, compLexity Gaming Red, 3-0 in an earlier round. But it was the American-based team who made an excellent comeback, winning the first best-of-five despite being down 2-1. Coming from the lower bracket, Complexity had to win a 2nd set, however, and it was there that the controversy began.

With momentum now on their side, Complexity took a 2-1 lead and were in pole position, needing just one map to claim $75,000 USD. They went all out, killing aAa's warlock while their own priest just barely surviving with around 1000 hitpoints. Complexity naturally celebrated a 3-1 win, Blizzard's stream captions showed them as winners and reports say that the players even had the cheque in-hand.

However, Enigmz had the Blizzard referees review the match. It was revealed, after some time, that the aAa player had been killed three seconds after the 20 minute time limit expired. By Blizzard's own rules, that technically meant that the result would go to the team who had dealt the most damage. In other words, aAa were back to 2-2 instead of being eliminated, despite CoL's celebrations.

The players sat back down at their computers to play out an incredibly tense 5th game. aAa played a defensive 'draintrain' style game and eventually won the final game on Ring of Valor - a mere four hours after the match began. Although many fans were unenthusiastic about the slow, defensive style of play which was rife at Blizzcon, this will surely be the most talked-about chapter in WoW's history.



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