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No more WoW at MLG?

By - 'hydrolis' -
Oct 18, 2010 19:57

ImageAlthough no official announcement has been made, it is being reported that the MLG is dropping World of Warcraft from their PC circuit. *Update:* WoW will not be played at MLG Dallas, but it is not being dropped completely.

Despite no official announcement from the MLG staff on the matter, it appears that World of Warcraft has been dropped from their PC circuit. According to, there have been various reports and sources that all of the MLG WoW staff were told during or prior to MLG D.C. that they would not be needed at the next event in Dallas, as there would be no tournament.

It appears this is a somewhat recent decision for MLG as they still list a WoW 3v3 tournament on their website for the upcoming MLG Dallas event. It is also very unfortunate for the WoW players as they have spent all season earning 'Circuit Rank Points' and qualifying for this National Finals event coming up in Dallas.

The MLG PC circuit was first created in May of 2008 and had a very huge following. The MLG tournaments quickly became the backbone of North-American WoW arena competition with thousands of people tuning into live streams of the matches. It is clear that if the above reports turn out to be true, it will be a huge hit to competitive WoW just prior to the Cataclysm expansion being released.

Again, this has not been confirmed by or denied by MLG but with the recent addition of StarCraft II to the MLG PC circuit and the clear decline of professional WoW players/teams, it is highly likely that the above reports are accurate.


The speculation around the removal of WoW from the MLG PC circuit ended up being false. The truth is the game will NOT be used at the National Finals in Dallas next month because of issues regarding the expansion. As of now WoW remains to be be, alongside SC2, a part of MLG's PC circuit.

With that being said, it is clearly apparent the competitive WoW community is weakening so the cancellation of a WoW tournament at MLG's biggest event of the year does not bode well for WoW going into the future. Whether the game picks up steam again and MLG picks it up for their 2011 season is still a big question mark.

Source: GameAche



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