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Cassandra blogs about Grubby and WCG

By - 'hydrolis' -
Oct 15, 2010 00:09

ImageCassandra, the wife of EG WC3 player Grubby blogs about their journey to WCG Los Angeles and the potential end of Grubby's WC3 career.

A rather interesting blog has just been released by NL Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen's wife, Cassandra, over on the Evil Geniuses website. It comes on the heels of the WCG 2010 Los Angeles event in which Grubby placed second behind Night Elf player KR Sung Sik 'ReMinD' Kim.

In the blog she discusses Grubby's WCG accomplishments, including his 2 gold medals at the events and what potentially may be the end of his WarCraft 3 career. The blog is filled with personal pictures of both Cassandra and Grubby on their journey to Los Angeles which give his fans a unique look into the life of the WC3 star.

Visit the blog by clicking here.

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