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BoxeR officially switches to SC2

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 9, 2010 21:51

ImageThe legendary 'emperor' BoxeR, two time OSL champion and the first bonjwa of SKT1, has confirmed he is moving to StarCraft II and will be entering the GSL.

Perhaps the most famous StarCraft player and Esports competitor of all time, KR Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwan, has officially confirmed he has made the switch to StarCraft II competition. In an interview with Chosun 'the Emperor' announced his move to SC2 and explained his reasons. He also confirmed his IDs as "ManofOneway" and "Slayer", both of which are highly ranked.

BoxeR's contract with SKT1 ran out at the end of August but he chose not to renew it despite being offered very comfortable terms due to being such an important figurehead in the team and South Korean esports as a whole. BoxeR's qualification round for GSL season 2 begins tomorrow.

The StarCraft legend who has in the past professed his drive to remain a progamer into his 30s said:

"Progamers who play for money has his occupational obligations to excite his fans. I was only able to so far disappoint them since my return from Airforce. I have no intentions of repeating that mistake and I will pursue new challenges and keep chasing the dream I wanted to achieve."

Addressing his entry into the GSL Season 2:

"By entering this GSL Season2, I will be stepping my first step on a new field of challenges. I wish to be one of the pioneers of new era of SC2 which holds infinite possibilities and growth.

As I start my life in SC2, although I will try my great best, but there will be times of disappointment and letdowns. I want you to cheer for me regardless, but not just for me. I want you to cheer for others who also have set their foot on this new starting point. The new field of challenges... The very word "New" have put great strengths in my mind.

I want this fire, strength and excitement to be felt by all the fans and I will try my best for it. This is my ultimate goal as a Pro-gamer in his 30's, different from my goals at 20's. I haven't quit as a Pro-gamer. I'm merely moving onto SC2."

BoxeR was the first truly great StarCraft:BroodWar player, as reflected by the community consensus that he is one of the bonjwas despite having much less titles than the other three such legendary figures. BoxeR won two OSL titles back-to-back, a feat only replicated in 2009 by Jaedong. He also won the first KPGA Tour event, which can be classified as an MSL victory since it was the predecessor of MBCgame's league.

ImageFollowing his highly successful period on top, in which he made Terran into a force to be reckoned with thanks to his creative play and famous dropship usage, BoxeR's career suffered moments of disappointment as other great players like NaDa, Reach and iloveoov arose.

Due to his two OSL titles Ongamenet commissioned a golden mouse to be created for the winner of three OSL titles, everyone assuming BoxeR would be the first winner. Despite reaching a third straight OSL final he was defeated by GARIMTO. BoxeR would go on to reach two more OSL finals but lose both, one to Reach and the other to his protege iloveoov, ensuring he never received the golden mouse.

BoxeR's most famous rivalry still remains the LimJinRok of 'the Emperor' matched up against 'the Storm Zerg' YellOw. While their overall record is very close BoxeR famously seemed to get the better of this matchup when it really mattered, including the Coca-Cola OSL final and the WCG 2002 final.

Source: via TeamLiquid (translated)



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