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Fruitdealer not sold on new patch

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Sep 24, 2010 03:21

ImageTop Korean zerg player Fruitseller has let rip about the current balance in SC2.

In a rare outburst from a Korean pro gamer, Won Ki 'FruitDealer' Kim has let his feelings be known in no uncertain terms. Posting on PlayXp (Korean) he swore frequently in a topic about the zerg race. He hinted at the possibility of swapping race for GSL season two, adding that he felt "like throwing away my keyboard and mouse and whatever out the window."

As one of the most successful SC2 players in Korea, Fruitdealer (aka Cool) is one of the few zerg left in the current GSL season. However, he claimed that in practice games with terran teammates he can only manage a 10% win ratio. "What am I supposed to do when they use 3 dropships and expand all over the map," he asks in the same thread.

Other pro gamers chimed in too with Jung Min 'Zenio' Choi adding that "it's past the point of overcoming through practice." Many players were underwhelmed by the recent patch. Even Dimaga suggested before the patch that he might consider switching races. But to see a professional Korean player speaking so angrily about game balance is very unusual.

With the patch only having been out for a couple of days, it's plausible that he will change his mind. Still, with so many voices raised against the current balance, it seems like something will have to give.

Source: Team Liquid (translated from Korean by LuciferSC)



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