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NaDa moves to StarCraft II

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Sep 17, 2010 05:23

ImageThe legendary "Genius Terran" and bonjwa NaDa, 3 time OSL and 3 time MSL champion, has announced he is moving to StarCraft II competition and will be playing in the October GSL.

The most successful StarCraft player ever and one of the bonjwas, KR Yoon Yeol 'NaDa' Lee, has announced he is moving over to StarCraft II competition. The six time individual league champion who is known as the "Genius Terran" and "Tornado Terran" by fans was under contract to WeMade FOX until August of this year but chose not to re-contract and will now be beginning StarCraft II competition.

NaDa has apparently moved out of the team dormitory and is practicing to enter the GSL in October. He has currently announced he will only be competing as an individual, turning down team requests from TSL and STARTALE.

WeMade FOX's Kim Yong Hwa said:

"While we tried to recontract, there was nothing we could do because NaDa was so certain about what he wanted to do.

While the void left behind by the team's Franchise star NaDa is regrettable, because he is so confident and he has a strong will, we believe that he will revive as an even bigger star. We will continue to cheer for him"

NaDa was has won six golds in OSL/MSL competitions, a feat as yet unmatched, and four silvers. His three OSL victories earned him the first ever golden mouse and he is also considered to be the first golden badge winner for three MSL titles, though his titles came in a predecessor league to the MSL called the KPGA tour. NaDa beat the likes of YellOw, Reach, July and AnyTime for his titles.

ImageNaDa is also considered one of the bonjwas, the undisputed great players who dominated the game for a period of time. Though his dominance was less purely statistical numbers over a short period of time and more continued success and titles over a long space of time, 2002-2006. Beyond that point in time his star faded and when he reached 5th-8th in the GomTV MSL Season 4 in 2008 that marked the furthest he would ever go in the OSL and MSL again.

NaDa was well known for his incredible mechanics and his use of the SK Terran style of play (marine, medics and science vessels) destroyed many an opponent for years until sAviOr arrived in his own bonjwa form. Also amongst NaDa's records are holding the #1 spot in the KeSPA ranking for the longest time, 17 months, and the being in the top 30 of the KeSPA ranking for the longest time, 87 months from March 2002 to May 2009.

As one of StarCraft's biggest names and faces NaDa earned a very lucractive contract worth approximately $690,000 for 3 years with WeMade FOX in 2007. His team history was IS (Ideal Space) then KTF and finally WeMade FOX.

It is worth noting that NaDa has yet to serve his mandatory military service so this may be a reason behind his not wanting to sign with a team.

Source: fomos via TeamLiquid (translated)
(Photographs copyright of fighterforum)



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