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SK Gaming adds LoL team

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Sep 16, 2010 22:19

ImageSK Gaming add a League of Legends team who will represent the organization at the WCG and in ESL. Interview included with leader Osaft22.

SK Gaming can officially announce the addition of a League of Legends team to the ranks. The team will be representing SK Gaming in the ESL Major Series and at the WCG finals in Los Angeles later this month.

SK Gaming League of Legends
CH Shawn 'Osaft22' Bourquin
DE Benjamin 'SleazyWeazy' Hiller
DE Johannes 'Severus' Lüder
DE Wai Noch 'Reyk' Shum
DE Christian 'Zylor' Dietze
DK Lars 'Pylat' Andersen
DE Daniel 'Awe kek' Pabel

Team leader CH Shawn 'Osaft22' Bourquin gave the following interview upon being added to SK:

Provide a basic rundown of your team and individual accomplishments.

As a team we just formed for the Season 1 of League of Legends in which we have been very succesfull in the ladder. We won the European qualifier for the WCG and we also won the German qualifier for the ESL Major series. Since 2 weeks ago there have also the go4lol cups which we sadly couldn't win yet, but in the overall ranking we are 2nd.

Individually I've played League of Legends since the European beta, and always been on top of the ladder. With an earlier team I got 2nd in the first official riot tournament and with another team 1st in the 3on3 tournament.

Introduce each member of your team and give a few thoughts on each.

I'll start with our Ingame leader DE SleazyWeazy. He is our Tank player and calls the shots in-game. He is very ambitious and pushes us in games.

DE Severus is our Mage, he is the probably the most skillfull player of us. He is rather calm and focused.

DE Reyk is our ranged-carry player. He is also very ambitious and likes to theorycraft a lot about setups. He also is the most active player of us.

DE Zylor is our all round and ganker player. He is the most ambitious and really hates to lose. He is well known in the comunity but not all think too well of him ;)

I myself (CH Osaft22) play the Support Heroes. I never let my head get down and try to motivate the team even if it doesn't work in a game.

DK Pylat and DE Awe are our replacement players. Pylat is also rather calm and focused and plays mages/support/carries. Awe kek mains Support but is the least active of us.

Where would you rank this team in the overall international scene?

ATM we are probably the best or at least one of the best teams in Europe. I can't say so much about the other regions because the servers are seperate, but I think Europe has the biggest competition and we want to prove that by winning the WCG.

Who is your main competition for the WCG and how do you think you match with them?

We don't think that the Asian teams will be the main problem, because lol hasn't been released there so long. We think the US team clg (Counter Logic Gaming) will be the hardest opponent. But from the streams we saw of them we think we can win vs. them

With other games competing with LoL for tournament space like DotA, HoN and the upcoming valve game how do you see the current state of where LoL is at as an esport?

I think LoL has a lot to offer and seems to be getting very popular, especially with the WCG and the ESL cups and the Major Series I think lol will get rising attention in the E-Sport sector. It's hard to tell which game will get the most popular of the mobas but LoL surely has a high potential for it.

What do you like or prefer about LoL? What sets it apart from other games in the genre?

I like that LoL is very team-based. The map is smaller and therefore more fast paced. Also the summoner system with Levels runes masteries helps to individualise the champs. Most people criticise that there is no denying in lol, but I think it helps the game, you need to be more active on the lanes and you have to harras more to push the opponent out of exp range so I think the game promotes a more active and fast paced gamestyle.

How did you come to join SK Gaming and what are your thoughts about representing the organization?

SK was our first choice, because we are German speaking team and we know SK has German roots. Also because we are esport fans and always thought SK did a lot for esports, and of course we are little sk fans ^^

We are very happy that SK gives LoL and us the chance to prove that both the game and us have potential for Esports :) We are very proud that we will represent SK at the WCG and in ESL.

Final thoughts?

We would like to thank SK since they gave us the chance to prove that LoL and we as Team have the potential to be a very good Esport game and a top Team. For this we will give our best :)



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